Precursors is a progressive, synth, metal album from Australian electronic artist Pselodux. A musical story of time travel and war fought against a mysterious attacker from the other side. Prepare yourself for temporal disturbance. Track Listing Hydrogenesis Collapse Precursors I The Fifth Day New Endings Ultramarine i. Hero ii. Build II iii. Proving Grounds Infinity […]

Cybersoccer 4141 Perfect Best Selection

Cybersoccer 4141 was the much anticipated follow up to the arcade smash Cybersoccer 2099 offering bigger better visuals and sound, the release scored major goals for its publisher. In order to celebrate this hugest of successes, this 5 tack arrange/medley EP was made, Unfortunately it was a Jupiter exclusive, until now as it is FINALLY […]

Back in Orbit

Back in Orbit is an album of original Fusion/Synth music by Karl Brueggemann. These songs explore many different inflections and emotions, all while being tied together with a strong sense of imagination and groove. For more of Karl’s music, visit Composed, performed and mixed by Karl Brueggemann. © 2015 Karl Brueggemann

Tone Bank

“Tone Bank” is an instrumental album of original music by Karl Brueggemann. It was recorded entirely (minus a few drum sounds) from an old-school Casio CT-655 keyboard. The same keyboard that Karl grew up playing. Because of that, this album has a nostalgic vibe to it. Enjoy this collection of groovy, melodic and fun music. […]

Sonic Traces

A compilation of all my finished and semi-finished chipmusic created from 2009 until around 2011. I thought it was time to put it all in one place for easy download and listening, especially as some was lost when 8-Bit Collective shutdown. Included in the download are some notes including a few details about the creation […]

4096, EP-1


4096’s third release, featuring three new tracks and a live mix spanning all three releases. EP-1 hits harder than previous 4096 material, and continues the duo’s curious aesthetic meanderings. © 2014 4096 Cover art by Jeremiah Bird

4096, Split Prism

Split Prism

4096 bleeps and bloops its way to a followup of 2013’s self-titled release. A textured mix of ambient synths, deep drum kits, 8-bit glitches, and manipulated samples with a sprinkling of guitar-work, Split Prism weaves through a 6-song arc that ranges from relaxed and optimistic to raw digital energy, and back again. © 2014 4096 […]