Interview with Shnabubula

We are honored and completely thrilled to bring you some beautiful new music from New-York-based artist Samuel Ascher-Weiss, better known as Shnabubula.

New Compilation Album: Mist

JULY 19th: MIST will tell a musical story of a journey through cosmic uncertainty; the vast mysterious universe around us and within us. A floating tale composed of ambient, synth, rock, jazz, and chipmusic.

Welcome, Pselodux

We at Perelandra would like to welcome a new, commanding artist. And we don’t throw the word commanding around lightly. Join us in giving a hearty welcome to Pselodux, otherwise known as Rob Curulli, from Melbourne, Australia. Progressive Draw We at Perelandra were particularly drawn to Pselodux’s sweeping, progressive music. While his current work is […]

VGX – Live 16-bit Performance Tool

At Perelandra we are big fans of the fusion of human and machine as a means to make beautiful music. That is why we’re excited to introduce VGX: a live performance tool for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis video game console. Breathing new life into the obsolete Sega console, this beautifully crafted retro-musical tool comes to […]

Artist Brother Android holds an NES inscribed with the words, "This machine fights the nihilistic impulse."

Welcome, Brother Android

We are thrilled to welcome a new phenomenal artist who embodies the spirit of Perelandra in his music. Join us in welcoming Brother Android, otherwise known as Harrison Lemke, who hails from deep in the heart of Texas. We are excited to introduce another dedicated artist who combines a unique style with vintage gaming hardware […]

The Super Marcato Brothers, Will and Karl Brueggemann

Interview with Karl Brueggemann

We’ve searched the globe from Canada to Australia to find talent in the electronic music world, but sometimes that talent is right at our doorstep here in America. Karl Brueggemann, pictured above to the right with his brother Will to the left, is a Minnesota-based composer, drummer, pianist, guitarist and vocalist. He and his brother […]

Album Review: Tone Bank, by Karl Brueggemann

Album Review: Tone Bank

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you’ll be hit out of nowhere with a surprise that will end up leaving a pleasant, lasting impact on you. This very thing happened to me yesterday when I saw there was a new release on Perelandra: Tone Bank by Karl Brueggemann. For me, this album seemed to come […]

4096 logo

Interview with Brian Del Toro of 4096

Bleeps and bloops dance in time with glitch elements and guitar riffs in 4096’s latest release: Split Prism. We here at Perelandra love the collision of organic and electronic elements presented in this phenomenal release. Brian Del Toro and Jeremiah Bird throw just the right amount

Interview with freezedream

We are extremely thrilled and honored to release work from freezdream, a long-time contributor to the international chip and electronic music scene. A swelling, ambient concoction of lush, sonic profundity awaits you in Departure, his latest release. This stunning EP presents some of the most beautiful, soothing, melodically-grounded experimental and conceptual music we at Perelandra have ever heard.

Positive Infinity

Interview with Positive Infinity

You will never see pure, improvisational jazz at the top of the popular music charts – certainly not if it is skillfully mixed with an even more misunderstood or obscure genre. We here at Perelandra live for such skillful fusion of obscurity. This desirable, underground nature is taken to the extreme with the…