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A stillness and emptiness pervades our universe. All around us there is darkness beyond our wildest imaginings. A thick veil of mist lies languid throughout the cosmos. The beginnings and endings of countless worlds; billions upon billions of bright points dancing in the dark, purple aether. But we don’t have to look farther than our own fragile frames to find this confounding vastness. This same cosmic ballad plays on in the lonely worlds within us all.

A Universe That Speaks

How can we ever hope to capture the complexity, the mystery, of ourselves? How can we speak out of the darkling depths of ourselves into the cosmic depths of others?

It seems impossible. A thick veil of mist lies between us all.

YET MUSIC, in this dark nothingness, gives us just enough light to get by. Enough light to share what it feels like to navigate the deep inner-emptiness of ourselves. We can never hope to make ourselves fully known on this earth, but music – like cutting through the mist – is as close as we can get. Music is not the ultimate, but gets us that much closer to the ultimate.

Stars Rising, Planets Aligning

It has been nearly four years since Tide, our last collaborative release on Perelandra Records. Now, we present to you, another compilation album. It will feature a cosmic arrangement of songs from some of our current artists, and songs from artists who are set to release work via Perelandra Records later this year.

ON JULY 19th 2016: MIST will tell a musical story of a journey through cosmic uncertainty; the vast mysterious universe around us and within us. A floating tale composed of ambient, synth, rock, jazz, and chipmusic.

Mist will be a name-your-price album with a set minimum. Remember, every cent you give will go directly to the eight electronic musicians and musical groups featured on this album. Be a part of the Perelandra community and support independent artists who have a passion for musical expression!

Featured Artists

Here are the eight artists and musical groups that have poured their souls into musical expression. Join us in supporting their phenomenal work:

4096 (New York, New York, USA)

Brother Android (Austin, Texas, USA)

Daniel Capo (Oakland, California, USA)

freezedream (Adelaide, Australia)

Jay Tholen (Münster, Germany)

Karl Brueggemann (Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA)

Positive Infinity (Miami, Florida, USA)

Pselodux (Melbourne, Australia)