Daniel Capo, OST

Video Games were an essential part of my childhood. Not only did they provide me with a way to escape the problems of my youth but games like Zelda, Mega Man and Final Fantasy are what inspired me to begin writing music in the first place. This album is a reflection on my favorite childhood memories as a gamer and a tribute to the games that inspired me to pursue music as a career. The album takes inspiration from early NES game soundtracks in style and form but also extends track lengths to add development and uses various synth sounds to add texture and detail that wouldn’t have been possible with the original system.

Produced by Daniel Capo
All tracks composed by Daniel Capo

Special Thanks to Katie Harrell, Nathan Stang and Jay Hurst for all the support, help and advice throughout the creation of this album.

Special Thanks to Plogue Chipsounds

© 2011 Daniel Capo