Thank you for expressing interest in submitting work to Perelandra Records!

letterHow to Submit Work

You may submit via e-mail (Ransom [at] PerelandraRecords)

inboxWhat we Accept

Please provide previews of your music, preferably a part or the whole of a completed album, as attachments or links to the music. Please give us an explanation of your work as well.

clockExpected Response Time

We have only a small panel of staff to review and respond to submissions. Expect a response within two weeks. Please keep in mind, due to high submission volume, we cannot review every single submission. If you do not get a response in under a month, please resubmit.


Your work will be reviewed and critiqued by us. Whether we choose to publish your work or not, you will receive an in-depth critique from us.

What you will receive as a response to your submission is a conglomerated summary of our critique. Keep in mind it is our opinion, and we are looking for a very specific sound.

Benefits for Artists

Perelandra Records is a small community of dedicated artists. We keep it small because of the unique support and benefits we offer to the artists we choose to publish.

Selling Your Music On Perelandra

We offer options for selling your work directly from Perelandra. While you may choose to simultaneously sell from any other platform you desire, we offer full direct digital sales options. Choosing to have your album sold on Perelandra (in FLAC, WAV, and MP3 320) allows us to truly give 100% profit directly to you. Out of principle, we do not deduct any percentage from album sales, and we cover any transaction fees, so you can ensure you are getting every cent for your work.

Promotional Media and Artwork

To artists whom we publish, we provide free professional promotion. This may include a video or ad campaign. It may also include album art or other free promotional art. If your submission is accepted we will speak with you more in-depth about what promotion packages we offer.

Mutual Promotion

We want to create a community of engaged listeners and artists. We ask that, once your album is published on Perelandra, you include a link back to us wherever else your work is hosted. We ask that you identify your album as part of the Perelandra catalog (including the catalog number and a link to your album on Perelandra where you can.) We ask that you promote your published work by linking listeners to Perelandra where possible, and not to other sources where your music is hosted.

The goal is to generate interest in our entire catalog, and to familiarize your listeners with Perelandra. Promoting your work by linking to Perelandra helps the other independent artists we publish. This is a cycle of benefits that will be to your advantage when other artists follow this rule as well, and other listeners discover your music on Perelandra.

We want to create an environment where listeners return directly to Perelandra to see what new music we are promoting and publishing. We hope that we can help promote and publish your work in the near future!