Tide - Perelandra Records

The tide rises and falls in an ever looping cycle. With each swell, convex in nature and force, it greets shorelines around planet Earth. Sometimes calmly, slowly it laps against the wharfs. Then, other times, it rushes headlong to lay waste the bravado of man. In the same organic manner as the tide, music finds various forms. And in the realm of electronic music, the horizon is vastly broadened to cover swells of creativity and musicality never before imagined.

As the first compilation release from Perelandra Records, Tide displays an eclectic arrangement of electronic music from artists around the globe. With each song a different form of expression rises and falls into the next. All blending the traditional methods and instruments with the nontraditional; Acoustic with electronic; Analog with digital. The object of Tide (and Perelandra Records) is to show the diversity of today’s electronic musicians. These are talented, dedicated artists with the desire to communicate deep, powerful messages and meaning via their music.

We hope you appreciate and enjoy this first compilation, containing the sincere and passionate modern expressions of music from eight artists and musical groups, who align themselves under the banner of Perelandra Records.

Cover art by Skylarkk

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