We at Perelandra would like to welcome a new, commanding artist. And we don’t throw the word commanding around lightly. Join us in giving a hearty welcome to Pselodux, otherwise known as Rob Curulli, from Melbourne, Australia.

Progressive Draw

We at Perelandra were particularly drawn to Pselodux’s sweeping, progressive music. While his current work is primarily synth-driven, Pselodux plans on releasing more music, via Perelandra, with a heavy infusion of live guitar. This will only serve to deepen the complex and extensive musical flavor profile already present in his work. You can hear a perfect example of his synth-based progressive music in his 2013 release Titan. The song Frelesia is a favorite of ours from Titan:

Rob explained to us how he sees his work as Pselodux, and a little of where his methods and styles tend to gravitate:

“My compositions as Pselodux mostly cover a mixture of old and new styles of progressive music, with nods to IDM and the Amiga demoscene; created using tracker software, guitars and digital synths. Recently, I have developed a love for odd juxtapositions of styles, and the occasional jarring change from heavy to ambient—or vice versa—tied together by recurring melodic themes. I can’t seem to stop myself from writing ridiculously cosmic music, so have learned to embrace it!”

Eclectic Expression

Rob has captured our attention with a diversity of expression; a deft command of both progressive, melodic music and minimal, hardware-based techno. He’s not your typical one-dimensional DAW-oholic. His music is born of a more dynamic, matured palette. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and improvise using actual buttons and wires, and yet he’s not so hung up on hardware snobbery that he can’t use digital synthesizers.

Rob also has a stark, beautiful collection of minimal techno under his other musical project 0F.digital. Under this project he aims to, in his own words, “make the most of sparse melodic content, rather than fleshing out melody/chord progressions” using a Game Boy Micro running Nanoloop.

When it comes to hardware, though, he’s got a great touch with Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operators. Here is one of his live improvisational hardware sessions of the soothing, iterative ilk. You can watch as pieces of crunchy, chip-based beauty are effortlessly fit together before your eyes and ears:

Gear used:
Teenage Engineering PO-12 Rhythm
Teenage Engineering PO-20 Arcade
Patchblock running Jayrope's Shattuh spring emulation

Future and Present

We at Perelandra look forward to fully embracing Pselodux’s ridiculously cosmic music, as we bring you fantastic new releases later this year. We are eager to bring you more stunning music from a dedicated and talented musician. For now, we invite you to explore Pselodux’s releases on Bandcamp – there is a wealth of well-crafted music waiting for you!